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Car Security - Is Your Insurance Company Up-To-Date?

With car security it is easy to get it wrong. This is mainly caused by insurance company employees, not understanding that systems must be properly fitted to maintain their Thatcham approval.


Vehicle Security – A Guide for Insurance

Most people are only interested in vehicle security because their insurance company makes it part of their policy agreement. But with so many paper forgeries, miss-selling by installers and confusion amongst insurance employees it is easy to end up with the wrong product.


How does the Thatcham Alarm Database Work?

The TRI (Thatcham Recognised Installer) network comes with a new purely online system. We explain how the Thatcham Alarm database works, why it was necessary, and what this means for car owners and insurance companies


Car Security – A Classification Alphabet Soup

If you are confused about car security it’s not really surprising, with an alphabet soup of acronyms and shortened terms. Do you know your TRI from your TQA? Your CAT1 from your CAT2? Here we try to guide you through the classification minefield.


Car Alarm FAQ

For a general information on different types of car alarms and functions please read this car alarm FAQ.



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